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Project Manager

Project Manager

Are we a good fit?

Yes! If you want to be part of our European expansion, and if you..

…are driven by a strong purpose of creating environmental impact...

…want to be part of an entrepreneurial start-up in a flat, coaching- and knowledge driven culture with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility...

...work with project management of complex and large solar- and geothermal energy installations...

Weekly 1on1 coaching sessions, continuous performance evaluation and results driven learning, supporting your professional development.

What it's like working with us

You will become part of a rapidly growing and fast-paced startup in a disrupting energy market. Our customers are primarily large organizations within the real-estate, retail, technology and industry sector. We are now looking for a new team member to join our journey. 

Through comprehensive onboarding and continuous training you will learn about solar energy from several perspectives: financial, legal, technical, environmental, and communicational. Throughtout projects you will get support from our team of Analysts and Sales Development Representatives and cross-functionally collaborate with our Sales and Finance team. As a Project Manager you will manage solar and geothermal energy projects:


  • Support our team through the initial planning and layout of energy facilities, for Power Purchase Agreements and our consulting services
  • Be responsible for the procurement process; purchase planning, specifications development, supplier research and selection, value analysis
  • Responsible for project financials, keep the project within or under budget, manage stakeholder deliverables and manage potential cost deviations such as additional and unforeseen construction costs 
  • Manage issues and risk, identify problems and risks while working towards resolving them quickly
  • Supervise the project process and execution, regularly communicating and managing customers, suppliers and municipalities, ensuring the project specifications are met
  • Keep records of all information related to project documentation, while developing administrative processes that reduces redundancy and improves the accuracy of our projects
  • Use your insights from customer interactions to help our team develop an excellent customer experience


Our Project Manager, Lina Larsson, preparing for inspection of completed installation, safety first!



Who you are

We hire for attitude and train for skill, so we primarily care about...

  • Your ability to learn a lot of information and quickly grasp new knowledge
  • Your pride in prioritizing and finishing difficult tasks with high quality on short deadlines
  • Your drive to successfully inspire and challenge others and helping them change their mindset and behaviour
  • Your kindness in seeing the intrinsic value in kind acts towards others, and wanting to be part of a flat team

Previously successful candidates at Eneo come from strong, yet diverse, educational backgrounds, such as political science, law, economics, engineering and environmental studies. For this role, we believe that experience from complex project management with a proven track record of working with stakeholder management, with no particular emphasis on what type of business, is particularly relevant. 

What's our team like?
  • 13 of 24 ride their bike to the office
  • Some of us run together every Monday at 11.30 am
  • Average age of 31
  • We like to discuss and develop our purpose, vision and customer experience
  • We rarely wear formal clothes
  • We regularly do team breakfasts, sports activities and drinks

We need to update our team picture, this was in August 2017, see our current team at our career page

We're looking forward hearing from you!

/Alexander Rudberg

Skicka ansökan

Eller vet du någon som skulle passa ännu bättre? Berätta för dem.


Vilka är vi?


  • 13 av 25 cyklar till jobbet

  • Många springer tillsammans varje måndag 11.30

  • Yngst 1996, äldst 1969, medelålder 33

  • Vi gillar att debattera och utveckla vårt syfte, vår vision och vår kundempati

  • Vi firar våra framgångar

  • Vi bär väldigt sällan slips

  • Vi åker hela teamet till Almedalen varje år


Jobbar du redan på Eneo Solutions?

Var med i rekryteringen och hitta din nästa kollega!


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